artist statement

I find it interesting how various humans may have different perceptions of the same action, place, and time. It’s as if we have unique lenses of perception. We all seem to have our own individual realities reciprocating between our senses and memories. I find myself searching for what is real. How do(or don’t) humans coexist and yet have different experiences, perceptions, and recollections? What is real, physical reality versus our experience and perception, or something beyond our consciousness? How are we different physically, mentally, historically, and genetically? How can we shed our differences, or can we? How may we see through what makes us to discover what is and whom we are?

Through my art, I explore the physical versus mental. Objects versus ideas. Ideas through objects. The object of ideas. Objects as conduits for ideas or image/object as a means of understanding something beyond the familiar, from the familiar. It isn’t what it is and is what it isn’t.

In my work, I primarily repurpose found objects from nature and human-made. These mundane materials are usually banal, overlooked, and of no monetary value. The objects are removed from their original context and assembled and sculpted in constructed environments. Photography is used in a nontraditional manner, as to not point and record physical reality but rather to use the medium as a tool of creativity to produce unique imagery of the mind, thoughts, ideas, dreams, and concepts.

Where did we come from and where are we going? How can we save what’s left of our present and preserve our future? How may we grow beyond ignorance, yet live in happy healthy bliss? What is to become of us and might we learn our individual purposes, as well as our collective purpose? How may we evolve, and revolve? Is it possible or am I chasing a ghost? Is this journey one of fertility or one of futility?

These are not easy one-answer questions and I am not a one-trick pony. As my curiosities, experiments, and explorations continue, so does my work. Please take my hand and join me in my walk, if you will.