• Glasstire

    [digital magazine, Nov 2020]
    full-page spread "Plan C"
    Presenting a panel discussion and auction

  • The Dallas Morning News

    [newspaper, Sept 2020]
    full-page spread "Mesquite Arts Center hosting virtual reception for Head East exhibition"
    Showcasing selected artists from DADA galleries

  • modern dallas

    [digital magazine, July 2020]
    two-page article
    ​Mary Tomás Gallery retiring

  • PATRON Magazine

    [monthly print magazine, April - May 2020]
    full-page spread "The Art of Law"
    Presenting a special commission


    [print journal]
    Issue No. 5
    ​July 2019

  • Glasstire

    [digital magazine]
    May 27, 2019
    writer and critic: Colette Copeland

  • PATRON Magazine

    [monthly print magazine, May-Jun 2019]
    write-up in "Best of Galleries: New On View"
    writer and critic: Nancy Cohen Israel

  • Southwest Art Magazine

    [magazine, May 2019]

  • Houston Press

    [online magazine, May 2019]
    writer: Susie Tommaney.

  • Voyage Dallas

    [online magazine, 2018]
    Artist Interview

    [from the portfolio, in a moment...for a moment

  • Creative Quarterly 100 Best Annual 2016

    [annual hardback book, 2017]

    Creative Quarterly produces four quarterly printed journals per year based on international artist competitions and selects the best for each issue. At the end of the year, a panel of jurors is formed to select the "100 Best" from the tens of thousands of entries. 

    The "100 Best" is divided into four categories. This annual features Shawn Saumell's work as among the 2016 Top 25 in the category of Fine Art (out of approx. 3,500).

  • Lemniscate of Diffusion

    Volume VIII
    [annual magazine, 2016]

    The lemniscate is celebrated in our 7th 8th issue of Diffusion, both literally and conceptually. Lemniscate of Diffusion addresses the dichotomy and relationship between non-figurative (abstract) and narrative theatrical (mise-en-scène) photography.

    The mise-en-scène work directs the viewer toward a particular theme or narrative. In theater and cinematography mise-en-scène is the process of setting a stage with regards to scenery, props, actors, etc. The photographs herein are presented with a great deal of ambiguity which once again allows the viewer to project their own interpretations and allegories. 

    These two approaches, abstract and mise-en-scène, are more alike than different. When paired together these photographs eclipse categorization and create a fantastic visual exploration. What's more, the work expands our understanding of what constitutes a photograph by using a wide variety of processes and sometimes mind-boggling techniques.Lemniscate of Diffusionis a harmonious balance between pure emotive symbolization and the more directed allegorical styles of making images.

    [from the portfolio, Ascension]

  • Creative Quarterly | The Journal of Art & Design, No. 42-43

    Creative Quarterly was founded in 2005 and has received numerous international awards and recognition for its design. Recently named one of the top 100 art and design publications in the world. In this issue,

    ​One of Shawn's photographs is featured on the "What Inspires You?" page and has three pieces published from his POST series for winning the "Fine Arts: Professional" category.

    [from the portfolio, POST | 28 F8s]

  • Paper City Magazine

    Briggs Freeman | Sotheby's
    Editor: Terri Provencal
    [magazine, 2016]

    Shawn's work was selected for the Budding Artists, Beautiful Homes article in theSotheby's section of PaperCity Magazine.

    [from the portfolios, Earths and Stay]

    [from the portfolio, Ascension]

  • Creative Quarterly | The Journal of Art & Design, No. 41

    [international journal, 2016]

    Creative Quarterly was founded in 2005 and has received numerous international awards and recognition for its design. Recently named one of the top 100 art and design publications in the world. In this issue,​Shawn is added to the "Fresh Talent Gallery" and given a full page spread for hisAscensionseries for winning the "Photography: Professional" category.

    [from the portfolio, Ascension]

  • The Exposure Award

    Jennifer Pastore, Wall Street Journal Photo Director
    Karen Irvine, Museum of Contemporary Photography
    Jody Quon, New York Magazine Photo Director
    Daria Brit Shapiro, VP and Lead Curator at SCOPE
    Evgeny Tchebotarev, 500px Founder
    William Jackson Etundi Jr, SeeMe Founder
    [hardbound book, 2015]

    About This Collection: Photography holds power. The act of taking a photo acts as both a historical marker and a capture of time. Just as archaeologists offer hypotheses about ancient societies based on cave paintings, historians of the future will base their conjectures about us on the photography that is happening at this very moment. As technology makes our world more interconnected, the act of creation has become a universal language. This vital conversation is made vivid by the photographers who push the boundaries to capture their vision and share it with the world. The photographs within this collection, represent some of the most interesting work of the Fifth Annual Exposure Award. It’s an honor to be able to share this work with you and with the world.

    [from the portfolio, Ascension]

  • L.A. Photo Curator

    First Place

    [from the portfolio,Ascension]

  • PATRON Magazine

    Writer: Lisa Petty
    [magazine, 2015]

    In this magazine article, Shawn was commissioned to produce an artwork using couture fabrics by Binzario. The piece was then donated to a charity auction to benefit the Autism Treatment Center.

    [stand alone piece]

  • Examiner | AXS

    Editor/Interviewer: Meagan Meehan
    ​[online magazine, 2015]

    This is an interview by Meagan Meehan with Shawn Saumell about his solo-exhibition in New York on Governor's Island, covering Saumell's body of work, "Ascension."

    [from the portfolio, Ascension]

  • ArtSlant

    Featured as the the Showcase

    [from the portfolio, Ascension]

  • Re: Classified | Warehouse XI

    Curator: Greg Kitterle
    [exhibition catalogue, 2015]

    The Art Institute of Boston has evolved and transformed into the Lesley University College of Art and Design. The New Lunder Arts Center is officially open and the Kenmore campus has been emptied. The Artists within these pages have been given the option to leave behind their identity as AIB MFA Alums and adopt LUCAD as their official Alma Mater.

    Throughout life we reclassify ourselves and our position in the world. Sometimes these reclassifications occur without our permission. Sometimes we are the driving force. Whether applied to the internal self or the perceptual and conceptual changes that occur in the world around us, the experience of reclassification, initiates a shift in perception that begs to be explored.

    [from the portfolio, Ascension]

  • PATRON Magazine

    Editor: Terri Provencal
    [magazine, 2014]

    From "Best of the Arts: a survey of the past year selected by museum directors and curators, champions and collectors, artists and professors, along with Patron and our contributors," Shawn Saumell was selected as the Artist in this Best of issue. 

    [from the portfolios, Earths]

  • Photography & Materiality | University of Texas at Dallas

    Curator: Marilyn Waligore
    [exhibition catalogue, 2014]

    Curator's Statement:
    Author and curator Susan Bright has discussed the concept of photography and materiality, how contemporary artists are creating "photography that is about photography" using a variety of methods.  Digital technology has guided the transformation of photographers' attitudes toward the medium, prompting them to revisit and renew modernist experiments, while often maintaining a critical distance. The artists in this exhibition seek to transcend representation, to investigate the potential of abstraction, working in the studio to connect to traditions in collage, painting, and sculpture, while often being informed by digital processes.  

    Reduction and recombination of photographic information serve as strategies to prompt reconsideration of the familiar.  Betsy Williamson embraces understatement through her achromatic abstractions, prioritizing the photograph’s existence as an object, rather than its conventional role as representational device.  Shawn Saumell explores a similar vein, inserting a wry commentary on modernist masters.  Vargha Manshadi foregrounds optical properties in his photographs of iridescence; we are reminded that the camera lens bends light rays to form an image.  Through her constructed records of interior space, Emily Loving foregrounds human perception by creating a sculptural, interactive environment for the viewer.   Using the primaries, red, yellow, and blue, Suzanne Williams obsessively colors the interior surfaces she documents; she aims to raise awareness of the suffering endured by chronically ill children.  Mona Kasra appropriates and superimposes socially engaged self-portrait photographs in her video sequences, championing the dialogue generated by online activists.  These artists use photography to edit visual information, to distill and reframe realities, to prompt a more nuanced reflection on daily experience.

    [from the portfolio, A Ply]

  • Imagined Realities | PhotoPlace Gallery

    Jurors: Shana and Robert ParkeHarrison[exhibition catalogue, 2014]Jurors' Statement:We would like to thank each artist/photographer who put themselves and their work ou there for this process.  It has been an honor reviewing your works.Let's face it, originality is hard work.  Acting as jurors, we sifted through hundreds and hundreds of submissions. This was no easy task as we relied on our collective judgment. So which images made the cut? As usual images that grabbed our attention, gave us pause, and offered a new view into another reality, either disturbing or sublime, never boring or derivative.    ​[from the portfolio, Earths]